Hello, I am young mother of a 13 year old year old girl, three year old girl, a two year old girl and have another on the the way (that is probably a girl.). I love all my children and my life and marriage to the man of my dreams pretty much encircles it. Our life is pretty much a text book definition of hectic. It always has been. Our life is insane. I am insane. We are all insane. And we love it!  You could probably get away with saying we are all dysfunctional too. Thing is, we are all new to this, everyday is something new and have no control over others and have a completely different back ground from the person next to you. This is my version of wifely-hood and parenthood. This is the lenses I see everyday. In our family, we grab unsophistication and prance  away proudly wearing it. Want to join?

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